6.00am - 6.45am  STRENGTH   GLUTES - Ladies only    STRENGTH  
8.00am - 9.00am           STRENGTH & HIIT
9.30am - 10.15am  STRENGTH      STRENGTH ELDOA  
6.15pm - 7.15pm  YOGA          


What good is punishing yourself if you can't have some fun?!

Our small group sessions are designed to not only be extremely effective, but to enjoy the process too. Our positive trainers will motivate you to do your absolute best during your sessions so that you walk away taller, stronger, fitter, leaner, more flexibile and in the best mood to face your day!

All of the sessions are kept small to ensure our trainers can give you all of the support that you need to gain you maximum results.

If you're ready to have some fun in a small, friendly group environment, what are you waiting for?



Perfect for those wanting to build muscle tone, build strength, increase fitness and of course look sexy naked. We pull, push, jump, lift and squeeze to create a full body burn that you are not only sure to love, but will get you results! 



This session is designed to get you fit, build muscle tone and torch fat FAST! Definitely a sessions for those who don't mind a bit of sweat and a bit grunting and if we're doing our job right, a few F bombs too ;) A mixture of weights and cardio made to get you huffing, puffing and definitely proud of yourself when you're done. If you want to ramp up your training, this is it!! 



We have yoga available weekly to compliment your hard work with a lovely stretch and focus session. Erin will take you through a Vinyasa flow that will improve your strength, core and balance and finish you off with a beautiful relaxation savasana. Guranteed you will want to have a sleep over in the studio after!  R E L A X     



This class is a game changer! It's for anybody who wants to improve posture, improve balance, create better body awareness, improve their recovery from training, improve the metabolism and reduce back or neck pain. We have clients who have been in pain for years, and in just a few sessions it is either gone or dramatically reduced!   



Designed purely for the peaches, this class is a combination of compound and isolated glute exercises that will lift, firm and tighten your butt. This session is perfect for the ladies who want to work hard and create that derriere that will make your man or woman want to walk behind you everywhere that you go. ;)