Chicken Soup is so easy to make and this one tastes delicious is packed full of health benefits and will nip any cold in the bud!  








It’s time I shared the REAL story. 

Exercise saved my life. 

I thought I'd fill you all in on the full story of my past. The dirty dark side because it shaped me to be the strong and powerful woman you see here today. 




 Working with many young men and women I am finding that too many are having back injuries or weakness of the back muscles at a very young age. I thought i’d outline some possible causes of back pain and injuries and also share my own experience. 


So December craziness has hit and it's time to be running around like tired crazy people trying to keep themselves from drowning in the last few days of 2016 and stay sane! 

Lets talk about X-mas shopping and going to the shopping malls. I was shopping with Ash last week and I thought it might be helpful to post a little guide on the better food choices in a shopping centre. 

First can you describe yourself before you started on your health journey?

I was a new mum , wondering why my clothes just didn't fit. I was tired all the time and had no energy to do anything.I was in denial about how much weight I had gained and automatically assumed as soon as my belly went down everything would fit. I couldn't even get my size 12 shorts over my knees.


I just wanted to touch base with you all in regards to the busy end of year period. It seems that the busy times are hitting us early this year and everyones bosses are expecting more from them and pushing them harder, or businesses are picking up and it may be taking it's toll on you physically or mentally.


Hail Fitness client Maeve Heaney tells us about her experiences with us and also talks about her challenges faced in her journey and how she continues to overcome them. 




It’s wonderful to see so many people on January 1st excited to kick themselves in the butt and reach their goal of health and happiness in 2016!. Goals are set, motivation is high and if you’re in Australia, the weather is just perfect to get out and sweat your little heart out. But.....

As we all fire up to reach all of our new years resolutions please be careful of clever marketing and quick unrealistic plans designed to get you to buy a 30day fat loss product that promises the world and guess what it’s EASY!! HA! 


During our most recent campaign for our brand, I have encountered some interesting responses from prospective clients regarding the offer and ultimately... themselves. 




When I was younger I went to university for a few years to study what was then coined as "Marketing Management". At the time it wasnt a job that was widely accepted as a top paying position and it certainly wasnt a position you could apply for. Now however it is one of the most top paying jobs you can get outside of being an executive of a company. 


So who do you trust? Every waking moment of our lives we are constantly learning. Learning what to do as well as what not to do. The trouble is our sources of information are gradually becoming less and less legitimate and more and more varied.

For example, 'once upon a time' the internet wasn't a thing. If I had a question, or wanted to learn something I would have to go to this thing called a library and do research on that topic. I would take all the books regarding that topic and go out of my way to read and understand each and every perspective I could find to culminate my own opinion and understanding of it. My 'argument' or 'perspective' at that point would be the culmination of 'research' cunducted over 'multiple facts'.

It all comes down to one word......
Weight (wāt)n. Abbr. wt. or w

"The force with which a body is attracted to Earth or another celestial body, equal to the product of the object's mass and the acceleration of gravity."

In other words ladies and gentlement, Weight does not equal 100% fat. What it equals is the applied force of bone, fat, muscle, blood, hair, organs, water and any other tissue or mineral in your body at the time against the earth.